Best Kissanime Alternative To Watch Free Animes

Kissanime is the best website to watch all of the animes that too in high quality and for free. But the problem with this website is that it is illegal and it shows all the animes without having any copyright to do so. Nowadays countries like UAE have already banned Kissanime. In other countries, viewers are facing problems as the website is normally shut down due to DDOS attacks or hosting errors. When God shuts one door, he opens four more. Same happened with Kissanime. Looking at the popularity that Kissanime brought to animes in the animation industry, many other Kissanime alternatives were made to accomplish the same.

Anime Series is Addictive to Watch

You might see them on your friend’s laptop for once or on any internet platform. When you watch these series for once, you become addictive to them. You become restless and curious to know what is going to happen in the next episode or season.

If you want to see the complete series at once, you have to visit the same friend’s place over and over again till he stops you from entering his house. If you are a loner, then have to purchase DVDs of entire show which may burn a hole in your pocket.

All in all, it really doesn’t matter if Kissanime is shut down. The viewer can still watch their favourite anime according to their likes of interface used on the website.

Best Kissanime Alternative To Watch Free Animes

Here’s a list of best alternatives to the Kissanime.



Probably the best alternative to Kissanime, this website has the most user-friendly interface and the design is beyond anyone imagination. His website produces the fastest result of your search when using its search option using easily available filters. Also, there is very negligible lagging and buffering of the videos which make the video more attractive and interesting. It has an auto play feature too.

Anime Lab


It is a legitimate kissanime alternative website which shows Animes. The best feature of this website is that when you move your cursor to a photo of particular series, it will expand and give you an overview of that series along with its ratings, number of episodes and whether it is subbed or dubbed. The only drawback of this website is that it is only available in New Zealand and Australia.


anime freak

This is one of the alternatives to Kissnanime. The viewer can watch anime without any subscription or sign up. The interface is similar to that of other websites. The noticeable difference is the use of colors which makes it more attractive to visit.



Another, Kissanime alternative is GoodAnime. The best feature of this website is that it plays videos with the least consumption of internet data. The viewer might have to compromise a little with the quality but the video won’t buffer and keep your interest intact in the video. It is also available as a mobile app so that you can watch it on smartphones also.

Related image can be seamlessly accessed. The only thing requires watching videos on this website in the updated flash player. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play any videos. The interface is just as same as any other website. You can play without any subscription or signing-in. Also, this website keeps the viewer informed about the timing of the next series or episode to be uploaded.


Image result for chia anime

This Kissanime alternative allows the user to download the videos also. The episodes on this website are subbed as well as dubbed. This feature allows the user of any country to watch the video without any problem. The only problem that makes browsing clumsy on this website is advertisements. The ads are everywhere on the website. One has to be careful while clicking in order to avoid any waste of time and data.


Image result for anilinkz

Anilinkz is another website to watch Anime. It has a wide collection of anime just like Kissanime. It plays video in high definition quality. The episodes are subbed and dubbed which makes it watchable to anyone. This website gets updated very often so you can the latest episodes at the earliest.


Image result for crunchyroll

This website is believed to be the reason for the launch of Kissanime. This is a legit website which offers shows of other languages too. This website offers 15,000 hours of officially licensed content. It has over 25000 episode of anime. The episodes are not free to watch. It has different payment plans.  Still, this website has got over a million subscribers.



Claimed to be made by anime creator themselves, it has almost all the possible anime. You can watch all the videos without signing-in. To watch high definition videos, you have to sign up. Also, its app is available for iOS and Android for smartphone users.

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The Japanese cartoons seem to be the most impactful and influential cartoon series of all times. These are called Anime. Nowadays, every cartoon channel features Japanese anime to gain as much children audience as they can to their channel. From Doraemon, Shinhan for children, Dragon Ball Z for teenagers to Deathnote for adults, Japanese animators have left no stone unturned to target people of all the age groups as their audience. For more kissanime alternative latest updates and features, stay reading us.



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