Can You Play Minecraft on PC And XBox Together

Minecraft  is a type of game about placing and replacing blocks. This game is developed by Mojang. In this game, first, you have to build structures to save you from night creatures. When the game slowly progresses then the players can work together to build a wonderful world. In this game, you have to survive by fighting which is very scary to watch. One of the best things of this game is the graphics which look too much fun.

As most of the people love to play this game so here I will discuss the techniques to play Minecraft on PC as usually, people want to get the fun of any game in the big screen and we will also discuss the steps to play Minecraft on Xbox which is also one of the best options to play any game wonderfully. So let  us see how these steps can be performed for both these circumstances.

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Play Minecraft On PC:

Let us here learn the steps of Minecraft play on PC. As many people don’t know the steps and feel it difficult while playing it on PC. You have to download an Android emulator to get this game and play on PC. Following are the steps that one must follow.

  • First, download the bluestacks emulator on your PC  from the given link.
  • Install the emulator and open it.
  • Go to the search option and search for Minecraft.
  • Now click on the icon of the game to install it on your device.
  • After the installation of the game is over then go to bluestacks my apps.
  • There click on the game icon to run it on PC.
  • And have fun playing Minecraft on PC.

Play Minecraft on Xbox:

Here I will guide you through the steps to Minecraft play on Xbox. The process is not that much hard to follow and it will make you enjoy this game on Xbox.

  • First, you have to go to Microsoft store.
  • In their search for Minecraft on the search option.
  • Click on the icon of this game.
  • Make the payments and buy this game from the store.
  • Install it on your Xbox device.
  • Now open it and start playing the game.

Can You Play Minecraft on PC And Xbox Together:

The Minecraft “Better Together” is a new update available. This update contains lots of thing that enhanced the game, one of the biggest things is that the Realms, Marketplace and online play on your Xbox One consoles. This version can be used for “Minecraft” across the following devices:

  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iPod, iPhone, IOS
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Kindle Fire
  • Minecraft: Gear VR Edition
  • Minecraft: Fire TV Edition

Minecraft is a very amazing game for people who love to build and as this game is not free of cost so you have to find different ways to get on PC and Xbox. You can also get it for both the platforms, so without furthermore to do play this game on any device with the above-mentioned steps.


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